Fluoride treatment: What Parents Need to Know

Fluoride treatment: What Parents Need to Know

May 01, 2022

Do you still wonder why some parents are so adamant about regular fluoride treatments for their children’s teeth? When your primary goal as a parent is to give the best care to your child, it can make you question whether you are doing enough for them. When it comes to your toddler’s oral health, there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile. Your child’s teeth will appreciate the extra attention in pediatric dentistry.

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

It is a dental treatment for boosting teeth’ strength and increasing their resistance to dental cavities. Fluoride treatments entail enriching teeth’ enamels with fluoride, a natural mineral that helps build and sustain strong teeth.

What Does Professional Fluoride Treatment Entail?

Technically, professional fluoride treatment is different from do-it-yourself fluoride treatment at home. At Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend professional fluoride treatment because it entails enriching teeth with a fluoride varnish containing a high concentration of fluoride. It is a short procedure done in a dental office for about 45 minutes.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

As a parent, the best way to appreciate the importance of fluoride treatment to your child’s dental health is by mastering its benefits. They include the following:

  1. Re-mineralizing teeth – fluoride treatments help teeth absorb other crucial minerals better. Your teeth get better at absorbing minerals like calcium and phosphate, which are crucial for building strong and healthy teeth.
  2. Reduces the risk of dental cavities in life – unfortunately, few people get through life without having tooth cavities. However, studies show that children who get fluoride treatments early have a reduced likelihood of getting cavities in their lives.
  3. Slowing down the formation of cavities – even though cavities have already started forming on your child’s teeth, fluoride treatment can slow down their formation.
  4. Reversing the development of cavities – fluoride treatment can successfully reverse the initial stages of cavities forming on teeth by destroying the bacteria responsible for the infection.
  5. Prolonging the life of baby teeth – premature tooth loss is still a dental problem even when it concerns baby teeth. The reason is that they leave gaps in teeth that allow them to shift, which may tamper with the future alignment of permanent adult teeth.
  6. Delaying the need for expensive dental restorations in the future – with all the right measures in place, your child may never need costly dental work to repair and restore their teeth when they are older.

Is Fluoride Treatment Enough to Fight Dental Cavities?

The professional fluoride varnish, paste, or gel is better in protecting your teeth from dental carries because of the high concentration. However, how you care for your kid’s teeth at home will influence the impact of the treatment. Some crucial tips for proper dental care to fight dental cavities in children’s teeth are:

  1. Dental sealants – are types of dental fillings for the molars and premolars, which protect children’s teeth from bacteria that cause dental cavities. Dental sealants are great for protecting both baby teeth and permanent adult teeth. They become an extra layer of protection over the chewing surfaces of teeth, preventing plaque from forming in the deep pits of teeth to form cavities.
  2. Brushing their teeth twice every day – help your kid create a routine for brushing teeth in the morning and night. Such habits are crucial for removing plaque and bacteria, notorious for causing dental cavities.
  3. Flossing their teeth – teach your kid to floss their teeth. The key is to remain gentle to avoid hurting the gums. If you are having trouble mastering dental flossing for your child, visit a kids’ dentist in Phoenix, AZ, for tips and recommendations on how to go about it.
  4. Eating healthily – unhealthy food choices not only impact your child’s weight and body health but also influence their dental health. Sugary foods play a big role in causing teeth cavities.
  5. Routine dental cleaning – professional dental cleaning is a sure way to deep clean a mouth, ridding it of plaque and bacteria, especially from hard-to-reach surfaces. Help your child appreciate the value of professional dental cleanings once every three months to complement the benefits of fluoride treatment.

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