BOHP - Baby Oral Health Program

We are so excited to share our Baby Oral Health Program with you and your family!

As certified pediatric dentists, we believe that we have a responsibility to provide preventive care for our patients from a very young age onward and we continuously strive to break the chain of events often associated with early childhood caries.

Our doctors are dental professionals that provide infant and toddler oral health care services with the goal of changing the oral health trajectory of every child. To do that, we’ve taken on a mission to educate parents about oral health and to equip them with the tools, resources and support necessary to provide their children a lifetime of healthy teeth and good habits for oral hygiene.

Unfortunately, early childhood caries is prevalent in our community and presents a great challenge for parents as well as healthcare providers. This is why we have made it our goal to reach as many babies as possible through you – the parents – so that early evaluation and education become a valuable part of preventing oral diseases.

Meeting you and your baby and becoming your “dental home” is the best opportunity we have to work on prevention through regular care, the elimination of bad habits, and more. New parents will especially benefit from our tips for baby oral care.

We are trained, certified dental specialists who also care deeply about our patients. We love seeing babies and can’t wait to meet your little one!

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