Your Child’s First Visit

Before Their Visit

These are a few suggestions to make sure this appointment is fun, interactive and completely out of this world? Please submit your online paperwork well in advance. This will help us prepare for your family and get to know you better. We want to be ready to see you! We may need previous radiographs and will need a little extra time to obtain them. Be positive about this appointment! Even if going to the dentist is stressful for you! We can change that for your kiddo! Talk about it with excitement! Dr. Libby, Bobby or Dr. Razuri will “count your teeth” “shine your teeth” or “tickle your teeth”. Talk about us as if we are your friends. Believe, we will be! Introduce us as: This is “My friend, Dr Libby” she is going to read you her favorite book!

My Checklist Before our Appointment

Let’s make your appointment as easy and fun as we can! This is your reminder checklist!

  • I have submitted my online paperwork
  • We have watched the video of our “friend Dr. Libby, Bobby, and Razuri”
  • We are super excited about it!
  • Bring our favorite stuffed animal

During Their Visit

Check in with our friendly staff, they will be waiting for you! Show your kiddo around our waiting room so they can play with our iPads or go down the slide! Have some coffee or a cold drink in our “Parent Lounge” while you watch your kiddo play in our interactive playground! We will utilize techniques that puts your child at ease and allow us to introduce them to our practice. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family!

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