Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

At Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry, we can provide fluoride treatments to patients. Fluoride is also added to most types of toothpaste. Fluoride treatments, however, are different. Our dentists have experience with providing these treatments safely for children of different ages.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

During a fluoride treatment, we expose the patient’s teeth to huge concentrations of fluoride. The aim is to strengthen teeth and protect them. You might find fluoride kits commercially, but they’re not entirely safe. Excessive fluoride can damage teeth. It can lead to irreversible pitting and staining. That’s why getting these treatments at the dentist’s office is so important.

We have to calculate the dose of fluoride-based on the patient’s weight. Next, we’ll apply it to their teeth for 30 minutes. These treatments are painless, so no anesthesia is required. We recommend not eating or drinking for half an hour after the procedure. This should give your child’s teeth enough time to absorb the fluoride.

Who Needs Treatments?

Fluoride treatments are highly recommended in children. Children are vulnerable to tooth decay because of their eating habits. They’re not usually interested in taking good care of their dental health either. Both of these factors make children more vulnerable. We worry about children getting dental cavities and decay because it’s never a good thing for these issues to start at an early age.

Fluoride treatments are a simple and effective way of strengthening teeth and keeping them in good shape. They’re considered preventive procedures. To find out more about fluoride treatments and their benefits, visit us.

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