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Dental Hygiene in Phoenix, AZ

Being one of the highest-rated pediatric dentists in Phoenix, our team knows how important preventive dentistry is to shaping the health and beauty of your child’s smile. We perform a broad suite of pediatric preventive dentistry procedures, but having a firm foundation in dental hygiene from our dentist near you remains the most critical step in guaranteeing the beauty of your child’s adult smile.

Gentle and Fun Dentistry

As members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Libby and Dr. Cox have received specialized training to make your child’s dental experience not only a positive one but a fun one that they’ll want to emulate at home.

Our dental care team knows that if your child’s experience at a dentist for dental hygiene is not a positive one, there’s a higher chance that your child will not want to practice good dental hygiene practices at home.

Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry’s core commitment is to ensure that every child who visits our child-friendly office leaves with a solid appreciation of how fun and gentle dental hygiene near you can be. We will never use scary terminology or noisy tools that could frighten your child. Instead, we use state-of-the-art pediatric dental equipment that has been designed specifically to help children feel at ease during their visit.

We Make Dental Hygiene Near You a Great First Experience

Whether your child visits our office for any of the advanced pediatric dental procedures we perform or you’re making an appointment for an exam and pediatric dental hygiene visit, your child will receive personalized care to help them understand the importance of preventive dentistry and dental hygiene in a way that they can understand. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will want to replicate the hygiene practices they’ve learned from our team at home.

We also provide tips and tools that you can use at home to further ensure that your child continues to value the importance of dental hygiene. Through this multi-pronged approach of fun and functional dentistry, you’ll know that our dentists are on your team when it comes to giving your child their best opportunity for a beautiful adult smile.

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