Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Phoenix, AZ

Are you looking for practical ways to protect your child’s teeth against cavities? Diligent brushing and flossing top the list of easy and effective ways to fight dental caries. In many cases, however, brushing and flossing aren’t enough. Often, you need an extra layer of protection to ensure that you’ll never deal with cavities down the road. Dental sealants in Phoenix, AZ offer this much-needed assurance, for children and teenagers who are at high risk for tooth decay.

Dental sealants are plastic or resin coatings that cover the back teeth, which tend to have deep grooves and depressions. It’s in these grooves that cavity-causing bacteria and plaque hide, eating away at the tooth enamel until a cavity forms. Dental sealants keep the bacteria and plaque from accessing the tooth enamel, thus lowering the risk of decay.

Dental Sealants Treatment Process

Here at Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry, we begin your dental sealants treatment process by thoroughly examining your oral cavity to check for signs of decay and other problems. If you’re already showing decay in your back teeth, we may recommend different treatment options, such as dental fillings.

Our dentist in Phoenix, AZ then ensures that your teeth are meticulously cleaned to remove plaque, bacteria, and food debris. Right after cleaning, the dentist applies an acid solution to roughen the tooth surfaces—a process that allows the dental sealant to adhere well to the tooth.

The final step is the application of the dental sealant to the teeth. With proper care, dental sealants should last about ten years. However, our dentist near you will keep an eye out for any wear and tear and repair this during your bi-annual dental exams and cleanings.

Reach out to Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry today if you’re looking for a reputable and friendly dental practice that provides dental sealants near you. We go the additional mile to make sure our patients feel comfortable during their time with us and have many years of experience offering outstanding dental services to the residents of Phoenix, AZ and beyond.

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