Yellow Teeth in Children: What Can You Do About It?

Yellow Teeth in Children: What Can You Do About It?

Jan 01, 2023

Do you enjoy seeing a bright smile on your child’s face? However, do you notice your child’s teeth are not appearing bright and white but displaying a yellowish tinge and wondering what you can do about it? We suggest not to worry because the yellowing is a result of many reasons, and there are many techniques you can adopt to help brighten your child’s teeth.

This article provides more information on why your child has discolored teeth and what actions you can take at home to brighten their smile. We also suggest tips on when you must visit the child’s pediatric dentist for advice.

Reasons for Children’s Yellowing Teeth

Have you noticed those baby teeth are brighter than adult teeth? If you have, you have observed correctly. As your child starts growing, they lose their baby teeth for permanent teeth to erupt. The permanent teeth contain more dentin making the tooth appear yellow beneath the transparent enamel. You might not notice the difference after all your child’s permanent teeth have emerged.

Dental Plaque

Plaque accumulates on the teeth constantly due to improper dental hygiene and discolors teeth by giving them a yellowish appearance. In addition, the foods and beverages your child has also contributes to the discoloring of the teeth. When your child doesn’t brush and floss as suggested by the dentist, plaque buildup and staining can occur.


Tooth decay and cavities can also discolor teeth, making them appear yellow. You might notice dark spots on decayed teeth. However, with time, the dark spots turn into cavities making children’s teeth appear yellow. If you think your child has dental decay or holes in their teeth, you must rush to the child’s pediatric dentist to prevent or reverse the condition as soon as possible.


The teeth receive their white color from the enamel layer covering them. If your family has thin enamel, chances are your child will also have a similar problem. Thin enamel is a genetic condition affecting all family members and can make your child vulnerable to tooth decay and other issues.


Fluorosis is a concern for children under eight. When baby teeth suffer from overexposure to fluoride from water, toothpaste, and fortified foods, they might start developing white or brown spots on the teeth making the surrounding enamel appear yellow. Alternative supplements like iron can also discolor teeth causing them to appear grey or black.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as hepatitis and jaundice also discolor teeth, including the use of some medicines during pregnancy. For instance, tetracycline can cause children’s teeth to appear bright yellow and older children’s teeth to appear brown.

How to Act against Yellow Teeth in Children?

Brightening your child’s teeth at home is relatively straightforward. The methods suggested below effectively function where the child’s teeth are stained from dental plaque, food, improper brushing habits, and external causes of tooth surface discoloration.

You can start ensuring your child maintains proper dental hygiene by brushing twice and flossing once daily. Wait to permit children to brush their teeth immediately after having sugary or acidic foods and beverages but get them to do so after 30 minutes to protect the tooth enamel. If your children take supplements, they must brush and rinse after using them. Children are better provided with a tiny dab of toothpaste and must receive proper education to rinse well to prevent fluorosis. Consistent brushing and flossing habits help keep children’s teeth free from plaque and stain-causing substances. In addition, it also whitens their teeth over time. If you need help teaching your child brushing and flossing habits, discussing the problem with the pediatric dentist will help you receive appropriate advice.

Dietary Changes

Please encourage your child to have snacks like raw vegetables and fruits besides nuts because they are healthy choices than the chips and pretzels children favor. In addition, they also help clean the tooth’s surface when they are chewed. You must also limit your child from having sugary beverages and acidic foods because foods like sour candy, potato chips, soda, and dried fruits can damage tooth enamel making the dentin visible and displaying its yellowish appearance.

Can You Consider OTC Remedies or Dental Treatments to Brighten Children’s Teeth?

You can find some help from drugstores offering remedies to eliminate surface stains. However, you must consider your child’s teeth before purchasing any products and prefer to visit Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry, which can provide medical and dental office treatments for children to brighten their tooth enamel. Visiting this practice today will help you and your child have a brighter white smile because the dental practice helps bleach your chance by etching and bleaching them to block stains on the enamel. Therefore consider scheduling your meeting with this practice for your child today to brighten their teeth to have a beautiful smile.

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