Pediatric Teledentistry Helping Children from Lower-Income Households Access Dental Care Easily

Pediatric Teledentistry Helping Children from Lower-Income Households Access Dental Care Easily

Aug 01, 2020

A relatively new practice on the rise for dentists is Teledentistry. People with oral and dental problems often encounter challenges when getting an appointment to fit their schedule. Thankfully, with this new concept, people can quickly connect with a dental professional to receive access to advise and information. The idea of teleservices has existed for quite some time in the fields of banking, trading, and insurance.

Professional healthcare delivery has embarked on a broad concept because Teledentistry falls under telehealth. With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become essential for dental professionals to ensure the safety of themselves as well as their staff as they deal in close proximity of patients who may or may not be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. When providing health care services in the present circumstances, dental professionals must exercise the precautions mandated by the ADA and the CDC and are restricted from providing any services other than emergency care when required by patients.

What Is the Concept of Teledentistry?

The concept of Teledentistry allows dentists to gather and exchange information or data with their patients regardless of whether the patient is an adult or a child. The data collected is used to support the delivery of dental care, consultations, diagnosis, and treatment. Dental information can also be exchanged with experienced professionals who have more expertise in this particular area.

Teledental visits can be scheduled from anywhere by using a form of video conferencing between dentists and patients for discussing urgent matters. It helps patients to avoid hospital visits and dental practices to save seats. Teledentistry allows for quick and easy consultations encouraging dental practices to offer these virtual services.

The Benefits of Teledentistry Explained

Patient Benefits

Many patients, including children, need emergency care for pain in the tooth or any other dental issues. Using Teledentistry, patients can promptly connect with a dentist remotely. The connection allows the dentist to assess the problem accurately, suggest medications, save time, money, and prevent a stressful visit to the dental clinic.

Besides being affordable and providing quality care, Teledentistry does not require the patient and their households to travel to different dentists because they can choose any practitioner who may not be close to them for the advice they need.

This is particularly beneficial for children from low-income households who often neglect dental care because the professionals are either inaccessible or unaffordable. Parents of these children generally consider researching for a pediatric dentist near them by assuming they will receive appropriate treatment at affordable prices. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed things dramatically as children’s dentists have also begun offering pediatric Teledentistry. Many dental professionals are available round the clock, making it significantly beneficial for parents of children who encounter emergencies at odd hours to require emergency care.

How Do Dentists Benefit from Teledentistry?

With the introduction of this concept, patients are not required to visit the dental practice by accessing virtual consultations to reduce chair time at dental offices. The virtual services are allowing dentists to treat more patients every day.

After undergoing dental procedures, patients do not need to visit the practice for checkups because they can connect with the dentist electronically.

Second opinions can be sought by patients as well as dentists from experts by consulting with them digitally. Dentists can connect with patients in far-off locations, enhancing their reach and the number of patients.

How Can Parents of Children Access Treatments for Their Kids?

Parents of children encountering an emergency can set up a teledentist appointment by using mobile hygiene programs at clinics that are effective and easy. Teledentist’s can access snapshots taken by their staff to identify problems efficiently.

Parents who have never taken a child to a pediatric dentist must consider contacting Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry that offers virtual services with their outreach programs. This dental practice is boosting its outreach by solidifying relationships with its patients through the use of Teledentistry.

Better health care requires enhanced communication between patients and dental professionals. By moving into Teledentistry, patients are receiving better dental care as dentists are connecting with them remotely and reducing the need for guesswork to provide services efficiently.

The introduction of Teledentistry must not encourage patients to believe they can avoid visits to the dental office altogether. Some treatments cannot be provided virtually, even in the present circumstances. If children need personal attention from a dental professional, visits must be arranged by scheduling an appointment with the chosen dentist.

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