The Role of Tele-dentistry in Handling Emergency Dental Care during the Novel Covid-19 Pandemic

The Role of Tele-dentistry in Handling Emergency Dental Care during the Novel Covid-19 Pandemic

Jul 01, 2020

Teledentistry refers to the use of telecommunication devices and information technology to take care of your dental health. It enables to create awareness, provide consultation, and necessary education towards health.

Your child’s pediatric dentist ensures that your Kid does not suffer possible future diseases. The approach is not limited to time, and it allows your dentist to share useful home-based remedies and tips for maintaining your dental health. During dental emergencies, you can seek treatment via teledentistry.

How to Contact Your Dentist during Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, you can seek consultation from our dentistry at Phoenix via the teledentistry approaches below:

  • Through telecommunication, you can contact our dentist via mobile phone, tablets, or social media platforms to make an appointment. Our Pediatricians are fully committed to serving you with integrity and professionalism. You would not wait for long compared to the latter times since this method is fast, and you will be attended in up to at most ten minutes after you have called in. We will advise you and give you direction on your area of emergency for the safety of your child.
  • By using live video via Skype, Duo, or WhatsApp, we are flexible in this mode of communication while trying to detect your emergency. Our pediatricians delight in providing the right oral health treatment. We find the proper treatment for your child’s issue and carefully investigate the problem.
  • We collect your data, including past dental history, and forward them electrically to an expert who will examine them and give a direction later. At Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry, we are equipped with technology to deliver proper analysis and treatment for your kids.

At Phoenix, our pediatric dentists offer you an exclusive Pediatric Dentistry and produce the best Oral result. We desire to see you smile and build a relationship with you; that’s why we have enabled a Pediatric Teledentistry program that will ensure that you and your loved ones still get the right treatment even during the novel Covid-19 outbreak.

The virus spreads faster through vaporizers that are used in emergency rooms. The pandemic should not hinder your child from undergoing proper Oral health treatment and in case of an emergency.

What’s considered as Dental Emergency?

Emergency dentistry deals with issues such as fractured teeth, mouth trauma, or loose fillings. You may require a dental exam to identify the problem if your tissues don’t hurt. The symptoms below indicate that you need urgent dental care:

  • Profuse bleeding from your mouth
  • Severe toothaches that recur
  • Accidental tooth knock-outs
  • Periodontal infections on your gum line
  • Severe disease on your mouth tissues or inflammations
  • Pain on your jaw bone due to an injury.

Use of Tele-dentistry For Emergency Dental Care

During dental emergencies, you can utilize telecommunication devices such as your cell phone to link up with your emergency specialist. Below are some of the benefits related to teledentistry:

  • It cuts the cost of transport and saves your time. You are given direct instructions, and upon execution, you get proper treatment. At Phoenix, our specialists will address your issues quickly and accurately and recommend you the right medication.
  • During the pandemic, you’ll have a chance to connect with your dentist and solve the dental issues faster. Your consultation will ensure both of you are safe from exposure to the virus.
  • You find consultation from an expert quickly, and all the complications are discussed. You also get urgent treatment.

Requirements for Using Tele-dentistry

At Desert Ridge Pediatric Dentistry, we are utilizing teledentistry services to ensure you find treatment during the pandemic. We observe the following guidelines during the channeling of the information:

  • Legal and professional standards are met
  • We use technology to relay relevant and factual information
  • The status and confidentiality of your children and family are kept discreet
  • Our team ensures reliable, quality data is conveyed via teledentistry, for sufficient provision of dental care
    Necessary information is gathered to prepare for treatment, with the help of audio-visual devices.
  • Privacy is observed during all appointments through encryption. We also keep records of the provided care through teledentistry.
  • We ensure that all relevant information is gathered during teledentistry sessions, to follow up on the obligations of all your needs.

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